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What Pinpoint does

Pinpoint enables brands to target where, what, and how to sell more products in symbol and independent convenience retail. With modules to suit the needs of any brand, you can choose to license the platform to get easy access actionable insight, get a one-off insight read to answer your key questions, or get a direct store level data feed to integrate with your own data platforms.


Unlock your double digit growth potential in symbol and independent retail.

Get data. See insights. Take action.

Pinpoint helps brands to unlock their growth potential in the convenience channel with confidence. As a brand, it’s critical to understand where category growth or decline is being driven. Pinpoint allows you to do that at the product, brand, regional and fascia level via intuitive interrogation of sales performance and market share with the ability to benchmark against competitors. 

These are no ordinary dashboards - data is drillable and can be manipulated by the user to display a brand's visual story in a way that can be easily read and understood by anyone. It gives brands valuable insights on what’s changed and predicts future trends, truly bringing light to your channel, account, geography, and store strategy. 

Access the largest pool of data in the UK symbol and independent convenience retail sector

Over 11,000 stores and counting

Pinpoint is the brainchild of people who understand the importance of the getting your strategy and direction right in convenience. When it comes to data, our combined expertise at the pivotal point of purchase means that Pinpoint focuses on action and ROI. 

In addition to sales and market share measurement, it easily allows the user to: 

  • Analyse product distribution levels and percent across channel or within a particular geography or fascia for different time periods.  
  • Optimize pricing strategy within the channel through interrogation of selling price vs RRP and percentage split of different pricing across the estate/geography/fascia. 
  • Bring integrity to the Convenience data market – Pinpoint is the only tool on the market that enables brands to access data and analytics at transaction level, for the largest set of symbol and independent EPOS data available. 

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