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What Pinpoint does

Pinpoint brings clarity to your brand, pack, price, promotion, execution, and field strategy in the all-important symbol and independent convenience channel, by leveraging market leading transaction level EPOS data from over 12,000 stores. You can choose a one-off piece of insight to answer your questions, a direct data feed to integrate into your system or our most popular route, a license to the Pinpoint platform for your category.


Pinpoint is a partnership.

Get data. See insights. Take action.

Pinpoint is a partnership between Thumbprint, In-Touch Group and Retail Spotlight. Together, we’ve combined the best channel and brand expertise, EPOS access, data analytics, and product development to help brands grow their business in the convenience sector.

We combine our expertise and experience to:

  • Offer access to the most EPOS data ever available in convenience: 12,000 stores and growing

  • Make the complex simple, turning sales from over 3.5 million products in over 12,000 stores into effortless analytics & insight for any brand

Pinpoint is available in 3 modules 

Access data in over 12,000 stores and counting

We offer Pinpoint in three modules, enabling brands of all sizes, across all categories to access only the analytics and insights you need to help you sell more:

  • Curated Insight: This module enables you to answer the biggest questions you have about your brands in the channel through one off pieces of insight and analysis. This is ideal for brands who are at the early stages of their convenience journey, or that only need the big questions answered to evaluate their direction.

  • Direct Data Supply: This module enables you to get a direct feed of raw data to integrate into your internal systems and platforms. This is ideal for brands who already have their own analytics platform, and have the need and scale to leverage raw data themselves.

  • Platform License: This module is by far our most popular because it enables brands to get consistent insight and analytics through a simple to access and use platform. This is ideal for brands who want ongoing analytics and insight on the channel.

If you’d like to combine different modules to fit your specific needs, talk to us.

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