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Our purpose is simple - we exist to help FMCG brands unlock their sales potential.

In an ever developing environment of increased data availability and digital engagement, we understand that the future of selling more lies in being able to turn data into actionable insight, and efficiently influence the customers who sell your products.

Paired with rising costs of product, logistics and people, equipping your people with the tools that laser focus them on the opportunities, and enable them to influence execution, are key to unlocking your sales potential, and doing it efficiently.

When we started Thumbprint in 2018 we recognised that to help brands unlock their sales potential, we had to equip them with products that ultimately help drive availability and visibility at the shelf, wherever that shelf is for the shopper, and that's exactly what we've done.

By always starting with the shelf in mind, all our products focus on the end game of enabling better execution for the shopper and more sales because of it.

As part of Avidity Group, we can also connect you with agencies who can help you execute the opportunities our products identify, whether that's through field marketing, direct to consumer experiences, or consultancy.

Technology products may be our business, but our people make it possible

Our culture

We're a team with a passion for helping brands realise their potential through data analytics and digital engagement. We're excited to see brands executed brilliantly at the shelf, and by designing and launching the technology that helps brands deliver that.

We know that constant evolution and development is the only way to do that, standing still is not an option. We invest in our products, our people, and take risks to ensure we're always delivering the best product offering to help brands.

Although Thumbprint operates independently, our colleagues also have the opportunity to develop their careers across our Group to gain maximum experience and skillset in role and across multiple industries.

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