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Trying to score sales in Convenience: the sponsorship effect on Guinness purchase rate

Using Pinpoint data to analyze sales in UK Convenience before, during and after the Guinness Six Nations sponsorship coverage 2023 vs 2024

26 February 2024
Author: Linzi McGuire

What do Rugby and the black stuff have in common? Since 2019 Guinness have been the title sponsor of the Six Nations, with their logo emblazoned across every piece of office branding and merchandise. This year they have also begun a sponsorship deal with the woman’s six nations in addition to the men’s championship.  

As Guinness is currently one of the widest promoted brands while sponsoring the Rugby Six Nations tournament as their official beer partner, we dive into the data to see how this exposure is impacting their sales in the Convenience sector.   

We’ll use 2024 and 2023 sets of data to help draw conclusions on performance. As fans gather in droves to watch Rugby’s greatest championship, how does their sponsorship partner influence their buying behaviours?   

Pinpoint data shows that 2024 saw an increase in Guinness sales for the first week, although sales had already been rising since the beginning of the year. Then came a dip in sales during the “off week” when there were no fixtures. 2023 data shows a mirror of these trends as there was a slight increase in average sales of Guinness during the first week, however the biggest increase was seen for the final weekend of the tournament. There was also a notable dip in sales for the weekend with no fixtures. Stay tuned to see how the 2024 sales progress as the tournament heats up during its final stages.  

*The shaded area shows the weeks when the tournament was running.  The yellow dot indicates the third weekend which has no fixtures. 

Guinness average weekly store sales during Rugby Six Nations 2023 vs 2024

Guinness 0.0 sales have also been seen some uptick since the advertising coverage began. Pinpoint data shows there was a bigger increase in the second week of the tournament before sales dipped during the third week when there were no fixtures.  

In 2023, this story was a little different. Sales of Guinness 0.0 actually fell for the first week of the tournament. But there was a significant increase for the final weekend.  

Since the alcohol-free trend seems to be gaining in popularity amongst consumers and more stores are stocking a wider range of alcohol-free options, we can only predict positive results for Guinness 0.0 during the 2024 championship and beyond.Guinness 0.0 average weekly store sales during Rugby Six Nations 2023 vs 2024

So, what did the home nations matches last weekend do for sales as the competition hots up? Contact us to find out more.  

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